Thursday, December 27, 2012

signs: Oakland Police

Oakland Police HQ

Istarted writing a post the other week when the big news was that the federal judge had approved the deal between Oakland and the civil rights attorneys that stops just short of federal receivership for the police department. Instead, there will be a "compliance director", with the power to fire the chief and demote deputy and assistant chiefs. And ironically but not surprisingly, Oakland proceeded to hit 122 homicides for the year. (Now we're at 127, and the year isn't over yet.)

They've got a lovely sign, but as the article in Oakland Local says, it's been "A bad year for the Oakland Police Department". Here's hoping for all our sakes that 2013 is better for OPD, and brings reduced crime and particularly reduced violence for Oakland.

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Anonymous said...

I love Oakland, but at this point I don't think more police is the answer. Something else needs to take place prior than the need for more police. I'm not pretending to know the answer either. I miss Oakland. I miss my friends, but the violence, and litter were too much.

It is a nice sign.