Tuesday, November 8, 2011

signs: Scream Sorbet

Scream Sorbet

Scream Sorbet not only has great sorbet (available in their store on Telegraph and at various farmers markets), but they have a pretty darn cool sign, too. I'd only seen it during the day before, but I was over in the Temescal for their First Friday art walk and got to see it at night.

But seeing one of their photos from the Google Maps entry, it's clear I need to get back over there with my tripod at dusk some time:


Anonymous said...

What more can you ask for - neon AND sorbet?

Jame said...

I love this sign! I wish more districts would encourage creative signage like this, instead of the the generic signs that do not contribute to a sense of place.

Gene said...

Unfortunately nice signs are more expensive. Neon is more easily broken than craptastic plastic signs :-( There are solutions (like the plastic cover on the French Cleaners sign on Piedmont) and alternatives (like painted metal or wood with separate lighting), but I love this sign. It's just up Telegraph from one of my favorites, the G&G Hardware sign. It's not even for an active business anymore, but they maintain it and light it.