Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Acts at Fentons

November is Oakland Firefighters Random Acts month at Fentons Creamery. All month long, 25% of the proceeds from each firefighter sundae (a yummy concoction made with vanilla and rocky road ice cream) goes to support Random Acts' mission of "firefighters creating a positive difference in the lives of individuals." This past weekend, firefighters, fire cadets and volunteers showed up to help serve and celebrate.

Random Acts brought the parade rig for people to climb on, toy fire hats for kids, and had lively music playing. But people come to Fentons for the ice cream, and there was plenty of that, some served up by firefighters and cadets. A few were drafted for the hazardous duty of the annual sundae building contest. This year pitted a crew of cadets versus seasoned firefighters, but none came through unscathed. Whipped cream ended up everywhere, including some on the crowd and photographers.

Lots more pictures:

Also of note is that Fentons is working on opening Myrtle's Lodge, a retail space across Piedmont Avenue. There was a sneak peek available on Sunday, so I took a look at the work in progress. It will have ice cream of course, but served from an antique soda fountain and rung up at an antique cash register. There will reproduction toys (plus plush Myrtle the cow dolls) for sale, art and a bit of history, too. I'll report more as info becomes available.

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