Friday, October 7, 2011

not quite thirds

In photography and other visual arts, there's the well-known "rule" of thirds, which says one of the best ways to compose an image is by putting important things along imaginary lines at 1/3 and 2/3 vertically and horizontally. For example, if you shoot a sunset, place the horizon at 1/3 from the bottom to emphasize the sky, or 1/3 from the top to emphasize the foreground. There are plenty of times to break the rule, such as if you have something reflecting off water, in which case putting the horizon at the middle is sometimes the best.

In any event, I had it firmly in mind when I shot this image this morning at the Habitat for Humanity work site in East Oakland. I did my best to line things up visually, and unlike a lot of my images that I crop or otherwise tweak, this is "straight out of the camera":

It's not a perfect application of the rule, but I was pleased with the result, especially since it's completely unmodified. For those who are curious, the razor wire and wall are for an adjacent business. The wooden structure below are "corrals" for the future homeowners' trash and recycling bins. They'll have matching doors on the front to hide the bins when not being used.

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Patrick M. Mitchell said...

Great shot. It's always great to get a shot like that right out of the camera - rare as that is!