Monday, October 3, 2011

Black Cowboy Parade

Saturday was the annual Black Cowboy Parade. This event has been around a long time -- this was the 37th annual. It's intended to educate people about the role of black cowboys in the building and settling of the old west.

Although I've known about it for some time, this was the first year I went. Besides educating people, it's also a chance for Oakland residents to come together for a fun event. And it's a chance for a lot of kids who've never seen a horse before to see one first-hand.Along with area residents, mayor Jean Quan, assemblyman Sandre Swanson, and country singer Miko Marks were on hand.

Many of the people I talked with were long-time attendees. A fair number of those have been coming "since the beginning" back in 1975. It's easy to see why -- it's a lot of fun. In addition to the cowboys, there were school groups marching, classic Corvettes driving, food vendors with delectables, and the Oakland Fire Department with an engine on hand for tours. A local motorcycle club provided traffic direction for the parade, along with the Oakland Police Department escort.

Lots more pictures:
Black Cowboy Parade


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Thanks for this post Gene. I could kick myself for missing this event this year.

Gene said...

There's great coverage of the parade over at Oakland North that just published.