Thursday, June 23, 2011

signs: Lucky Tackle

Lucky Tackle

Isaw this sign first over on the wonderful photo blog, Oakland Daily Photo, then again on Oakland Local. I saw it in person a couple of weeks ago, north of Actual Cafe, and got this quick shot with the cellphone. Yesterday when I stopped at Actual Cafe, I got some more shots with the P&S. As Oakland Daily Photo points out, the business is long gone. It was an art gallery, and now is part of the East Bay Jazz Workshop. The sign is in mediocre condition, but the neon is in surprisingly good shape.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

Do you think the neon lights up? Would like to get a shot of that. And the arrow with the bulbs.

Thanks for the plug and the info on the ducks. Followed the link and now I know something I didn't before.

Unknown said...

It might light up, but I doubt East Bay Jazz lights it.