Wednesday, June 22, 2011

bits and pieces 2

More bits and pieces. Today I was up to Berkeley to get a new charger for my electric bike. After nearly two years of faithful service, the charger died. Unfortunately I had to wait a week for a new charger to be in stock, but I was able to pick it up today. I celebrated back in Oakland by hanging out at Actual Cafe for a while, reading a friend's book about Gertrude Stein. But first I wandered around the area a bit to take some pictures.

The last is the latest addition to my Neighborhood Name Signs project. It's not bad as vinyl banners go, but it's still a vinyl banner in the end.

The full album:
bits and pieces 2


Anonymous said...

They have really good food there and some local artist t-shirts. I love how someone added "Not" to the the "You are perfect"

Unknown said...

Yeah, I love Actual Cafe. I wish it was closer to home, but love the food, drink, bike-friendliness, and overall vibe.