Thursday, September 16, 2010

quiet morning in the village

skateboard ramp

Idropped K off at BART this morning, and I didn't have to be anywhere in particular so I spent some time in Montclair Village.

First to the bank. It feels like every other store front in the Village is now a bank or real estate-related office. It's not actually that bad, but a new bank will be moving in to the space vacated by Blockbuster Video. It was initially opposed by the merchant's association, but they recently voted to rescind their opposition. I'd rather it was something than a bank, but I'll be much happier with a bank than with the empty storefront that's there now.

Then it was over to Peet's for some more coffee beans, saying hello to my barber who was out enjoying the morning sunshine.

While I sipped my cup of coffee, I browsed my favorite (and local) Oakland book store, A Great Good Place for Books. Not that I'm running short of things to read, but they convinced me to purchase a book while I was there.

Finally it was back to car via the park. A skateboard ramp that has graced the park for the last couple of months was getting a paint job. I talked briefly with one of the volunteers who built it, and someone from CCAC (sorry, old habits...CCA) is going to paint a mural on the side.


Unknown said...

Tons of banks, realtors, coffee shops - and empty store fronts. Heard a sad rumor that the hardware store might be closing down.

Try and support your truly local businesses. These places a special. Unfortunately, they are struggling.

Unknown said...

I've heard similar rumors about the hardware -- rents are too high for the economy, and the landlord won't adjust :-( I do my best to support local businesses, and other Oakland businesses in general.

Dawg said...

Oh, not the hardware store too. I love those guys.

I wish SOMEONE would come in that huge Blockbuster building in the Dimond District. What an eyesore, and like that for years now. I hear it needs some toxic clean up from the dry cleaners that was previously there, but then why was the Blockbuster allowed to be there. UGH!

Actually, I wish they would put a gym there. It's the perfect building and the Dimond pool is a hop, skip, and a jump from there.