Wednesday, September 8, 2010

signs: Kwik Way

Kwik Way

Closed for the last several years, the Kwik Way may go back to the future and be re-opened as a new restaurant by Somerset Restaurant owner Gary Rizzo. Let's hope so -- while it has an iconic sign, the building is starting to get run down.


ArtSparker said...

I do like the building as well as the sign- Would be nice to have that space back in action.

Dawg said...

Hey Gene, have you heard Neldams is reopening? Different name, though, I think. I hope the pound cake is the same.

Unknown said...

@ArtSparker - agreed. It's a nice space, and would probably get a lot of Grand / Lakeshore traffic.

@T - I heard that. Same location, some of the same employees, with some help from the building owners (who probably realized finding a new tenant in this market would be hard.) They'll have some old favorites, but also more diverse items, too.

calarch said...

I noticed the green neon lights from Kwik Way were actually lit the other night - I wonder why.