Wednesday, May 5, 2010

signs + food: Claremont Diner

Claremont Diner

Next to The Graduate bar is the Claremont Diner. It's got the classic diner vibe going in a big way. The other morning after dropping K off at Rockridge BART (direct train to SFO, no people mover!), I stopped by for breakfast, and of course, to check out the signs.

Although the reviews on Yelp are all over the place, I found the food to be good, basic diner fare and and the service very good. I had blueberry pancakes, which were hearty and had lots of blueberries in and on them. The coffee was hot, tasty enough, and the waitress refilled it as needed. Throw in classic diner decor, some nice signs, and a model train that runs on the half hour, and you've got a fun little place with good food.


Claremont Diner

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