Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike to Market Day

Fresh on the (w)heels of Bike to Work Day is Bike to Market Day, tomorrow, May 22nd. Numerous markets like Farmer Joe's, Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, and Grocery Outlet are offering discounts and other goodies for cyclists. Get the complete list at the East Bay Bike Coalition page, and check out the nice Google Map they've done showing locations:

View Bike to Market Day in a larger map

Most of the discounts are around 10% and require you to have your cycling helmet in hand. Riding with a helmet is a very good idea, as I can personally attest. I took a corner too fast the other month and wiped out, cracking my helmet but not my head.

The page mentions farmers markets, too, but didn't give much in the way of particulars. K and I rode to our local farmers market in Montclair last Sunday. She rode the e-bike, and I took a mountain bike. Getting there was easy, of course. Riding back we both worked, but me more than her. These days I get a little tired riding the e-bike back from the Village depending on the load, but it's not too bad. I more fully appreciate how much work the e-bike is doing now.

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