Friday, April 9, 2010

signs: Schirmer Liquors

Schirmer Liquors

With the new Habitat for Humanity development in Woodland in East Oakland, I've been slowly branching out from my usual route to the previous development in Sobrante Park. It's not that far away, but Google Maps suggested different routes that were shorter. And the last two weeks I've been picking up my wife's cousin at Coliseum BART for him to come volunteer at Habitat, too. So it was on one of my new meanderings that I found this sign on Seminary. It's currently called Seminary Market, but the great sign still reads Schirmer Liquors. Googling on that turns up this interesting tidbit:
Leslie Ivan SUTTON was born on 19 Sep 1920 in Flagler, Kit Carson Co, Colorado, USA. He Graduated from Flagler High School in 1938 in Flagler, Kit Carson Co, Colorado, USA. He was a Flight Cadet in Army Air Corps in Sep 1940. He was a Captain in the Army Air Corps in Feb 1946. He was a Proprietor of Schirmer's Liquor Store between 1960 and 1982 in Oakland, Alameda Co, California, USA. He died in Jan 1982. He was buried at Flagler Cemetery in Flagler, Kit Carson Co, Colorado, USA.

No idea if the neon still works, but it appears to be in good shape at least on this side of the sign.


Starpurple said...

I love these signs!

SerendipiDee said...

Thanks for this! I'm the person who posted my uncle's information, and just happened to have found this post, with his sign still flying high... I've saved the image to go into his file--hope that's OK with you.

Unknown said...

Definitely! Email me (see the contact page) if you want a higher resolution version of it. Have you learned anything else about the period when your uncle owned the store?