Wednesday, April 14, 2010

signs: Piedmont Piano

Piedmont Piano

This is a first for the Our Oakland signs feature in that it's the second showing of this locale, but with a different sign. It used to be an art supply store with a nice Drafting / Furniture sign. But it's been reborn in cool colors as the new home of Piedmont Piano.

Piedmont Piano was on the corner of Piedmont Ave. and Pleasant Valley since 1980. While it was a fixture on the end of Piedmont, that location acquired a tragic history. Back in 2008 a 10 year old boy was shot while taking a piano lesson, during an attempted robbery at the car wash and gas station across the street. In an odd twist, the shooter was also involved in a carjacking of state senator and now Oakland mayoral candidate Don Perata.

great Art Deco entrance

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