Monday, October 19, 2009

signs: Glenn's Hot Dogs

Glenn's Hot Dogs

Glenn's Hot Dogs in the Laurel has a great combo of neon, chaser bulbs, and a rotating middle. Any local residents know if it still lights up?


crazy57bus said...

I LOVE that sign. Also the little fast food place is such a throw back to the 60's. I often think it would be great in a movie.

I can't remember if it lights up. I was just by there tonight going to Hollywood video.

Chisom Oraedu said...

Hi, can I please use this photo with your permission for an article that I am writing about the neighborhood in Oakland where Glenn's Hot Dogs used to be located? It recently closed down. Would love to use your picture in my piece, thanks!

Gene Anderson said...

Sure, just credit "Gene Anderson, Our Oakland"

Chisom Oraedu said...

Okay thank you, will do!! Thanks Gene!


Chisom Oraedu said...

Hi Gene,

Thanks so much for letting me use your photo! You can find the article where I mention Glenn's Hot Dogs and another Oakland restaurant here