Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oakland institutions

photo by
Carlos Avila Gonzalez
The Chronicle

There's a nice article on SFGate about my barber. Rocky has not only been cutting hair longer than I've been alive, he's been cutting Raiders owner Al Davis' hair longer than I've been alive. He's a what-you-see-is-what-you-get, rough-around-the-edges kind of guy, and he's an institution in Montclair.

Over on Piedmont Avenue, fresh on the balloon strings of some publicity from Pixar's Up!, Fentons is celebrating its 115th year. It's boggling to think of all the ice cream that has been served over the generations (at least 3 in my family.) I'm looking forward to my youngest nephew turning 6 so he's old enough to go on the Arctic Tour.

As the new kid on the block at only 40, the Oakland Museum is taking a break to spruce things up a bit. It will re-open in May 2010 after reconfiguring the History and Art Galleries, and upgrading the common areas. There will still be special events at various Oakland venues during the closure.

Prior to the Oakland Museum of California opening in 1969, the Oakland Public Museum was at Camron-Stanford House on the shore of Lake Merritt. The first and last of the great Victorians that once stood near the lake, it was almost lost to decay after the museum moved out. A dedicated group saved it, and it was restored and opened as a museum in 1987.


artemis said...

Incidentally, we're Oakland Museum members, and when we got our renewal a couple of weeks ago, it noted that members will have reciprocal memberships to a bunch of other East Bay museums and attractions while the museum is closed for then next nine months---I can't remember everything on the list, but several spots we hadn't yet been to. So in spite of it seeming like an odd year to become a member, it might actually be a great year to join for first-time members---you get to use your membership all over the place *and* you get the first peek at the new museum when it opens next spring!

Unknown said...

Was it the same list as the NARM list (North American Reciprocal Program) on the site, which normally applies to members at the $125 (or higher) level? There's some great museums all around California and the country on those lists.

artemis said...

No, although we do belong at the membership level that gives us access to those (mostly b/c the deYoung, Asian Art, and a few other SF museums are included), and really enjoy that too. This list was in the letter about the closure, though, and was primarily Oakland & Berkeley museums and attractions. I'll keep hunting and see if I can find it---the info doesn't seem to be up on their website yet, but I remember the letter noted that they were still building the full list and would send an update when it was complete.

artemis said...

Quick followup, as the museum finally sent out an email with the details---members get free admission or discounts at Chabot, the zoo, the Berkeley Art Museum, and MOCHA. (I thought there were more on the original list; ah well!) A new twist, though: members also get discounts at a number of Oakland restaurants (mostly in Montclair and Lakeshore) and at a couple of art galleries in town.

Unknown said...

Cool -- thanks for the follow up.