Wednesday, July 22, 2009

budget news

You've doubtless heard the news that the all 4 measures on the ballot for the special election passed. But according to Today in Montclair, only 23% of registered voters bothered to vote (vs. 80% in November's election.) In any event, they passed, and that means $7 million towards balancing the city budget.

Also of note is a post from Oakland firefighter Zac Unger over on Living in the O. The union members agreed to work four additional hours each week (a change from 52 to 56 hours per week) which cuts down on overtime, and an 8% cut in overtime pay, which will save the city over $6 million. (Note: Zac is an Oakland resident, firefighter and is on the board of firefighters union Local 55. He's also a writer, author of Working Fire: The Making of a Fireman. It's a fascinating look inside being a firefighter, as well as a great read.)

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