Tuesday, June 9, 2009

signs: Village Market

Village Market

In upper Rockridge near the Mountain View Cemetery is the Village Market. It being a well-to-do neighborhood, the sign is well maintained. I always think of the area it's in as Rockridge, or Upper Rockridge if you prefer, but their website says:
Village Market is an upscale independent grocery store located in the Monclair District in Oakland, CA.
Huh? Even if you include Glen Highlands on the other side of 13 as part of Montclair, Village Market still isn't in it. Maybe they moved at some point?


casacaudill said...

My friend's family owns the store and we asked him about the designation - he said it's definitely Rockridge/Upper Rockridge and not Montclair. Don't know why the mistake on the website.

Unknown said...

Hmm. It's on there twice, once on the home page and once on the 'about' page, so at least it's consistent.