Wednesday, June 3, 2009

signs: George Kaye's

George Kaye's

We interrupt your irregularly scheduled thunderstorm (rain? in June? with thunderstorms?!?) to bring you this picture showing yesterday's lovely sky. George Kaye's is along Broadway. I've never been in, but I've been tempted by the Guinness sign in the window. According to an online review, it's got a great mix of songs on the jukebox, from Pavarotti to punk.


georgekaye said...

I Love seeing my name up in lights.I think I should post this picture up on my music web pages. George Kaye

Unknown said...

Where's your music web page? In any event, feel free to post the pic there. If you get big and famous and want to use it for an album cover, then we need to talk :-)

georgekaye said...

Hello Gene, Are youi the photographer? I produce charity benefits for not for profit org's and causes.I'm not looking for fame and only want fortunes to go to the charities.Some of my music web pages are at: . If you hear of someone in need of a charity benefit please send info to my myspace;I don't charge for my producing or performing at benefits.Take care. Peace, George Kaye

Unknown said...

I'm the photographer (I took the picture on my way home from Home Depot), so feel free to use it. I've also got a similar pic with the stoplight green.

Your singing voice really does sound a lot like Elvis. I like the spirit in which you do your work. I do a lot with our local Habitat for Humanity and some work with smaller non-profits.