Sunday, February 28, 2016

signs: Farmer Joe's

No, not that Farmer Joe's. About 1973, Farmer Joe's opened on Lakeshore. It's not related to the two Farmer Joe's on MacArthur and on Fruitvale. Apparently it was run by Joe Sasso, who also had a stand at College and Claremont. Sometime in the 1980s it changed to Lakeshore Produce. The sign was revealed recently when Peet's decided to expand, and Lakeshore Produce had to move up the street, where they are now at 3312 Lakeshore.

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Ken Katz said...

The rumor was that Peet's wanted to expand into the space occupied by the Burrito Shop to the right of them but that wasn't the case. Latest news is that a restaurant called "Falafel Spot" is moving there. The produce space isn't yet spoken for as of April 1.