Sunday, March 22, 2015

Foster Youth Museum

At the gallery Warehouse 416 (416 26th Street) right now there's an amazing and powerful exhibit. Go see it. It is not cheery, though it will leave you with hope. It's called "Lost Childhoods", and is about the experience of foster youth, shown in photographs and artifacts. Making it even more powerful was a special tour on Saturday, led by a number of former foster youth, including Captain Young who is featured in the poster for the event.

Jamie Lee Evans, herself a former foster child, is the co-director of the Foster Youth Museum. She told us about the exhibit and talked about some of the artifacts, like the large purple teddy bear given by one foster child to her sister, so she would always remember her. Although the woman went on to be successful, like many foster youth, she hung on to this reminder of her experience. In any event, this is a case where more words from me won't add anything. Go see it. You will be moved. Unfortunately, it's only at Warehouse 416 through March, so you don't have much time to see it.

The museum is looking for a permanent home, so if you know of a space that's appropriate, contact them. The exhibit is also available for rent, so if you're a gallery or exhibit space looking for something powerful to show, talk to them.

This was all part of a Saturday Art Stroll tour of several galleries with different connections to foster youth, including Creative Growth and Rock Paper Scissors collective, which I'll hopefully have time to write about more later. But go see this exhibit while you can!

Foster Youth Museum website
Warehouse 416
Oakland Local article by C.J. Hirschfield

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