Friday, July 26, 2013

the art of Heidi Wyckoff

Thursday evening there was a reception at the Alameda County Law Library on 12th Street for a showing of the art of Heidi Wyckoff. She's probably best known in Oakland as the co-creator of the book Oakland Landmarks, which features her watercolors of 34 of Oakland's historical landmarks. The book was written by local writer and historian Annalee Allen, which gives a page-long history of each landmark.

Heidi's images will be on display at the library until August 31. Posters are available on her website,, and the book is available on the Oakland Landmarks website.

The library is also the permanent home of a pair of striking paintings of Oakland, one featuring Old Oakland and the other featuring Lake Merritt. There is also currently a small exhibit of photos of the Black Panthers by renowned photographer Ilka Hartmann.

More photos from the reception:

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