Friday, March 16, 2012

signs: Homeroom


Istopped by Homeroom the other day on way home from Kaiser. The sign, like the food, is simple yet effective. I'll blog more about the food another day when I've got more time.


sati said...

Hi there,

We are a photographer and an oral historian based in Oakland CA. Our goal is to create an in-depth portrait of our unique communities. To do so, we have been taking 35mm photographs and audio recordings of people that we meet while walking around the city. With what we've collected we have created Projet En Vue. The simple mission of our project is to bring people together with different perspectives and life experiences, in order to create a greater narrative of the community as well as what it means to be human in the modern world. We currently showcase our photographs and the audio from the interviews on our website, In addition, we are planning a series of gallery shows featuring portraits as well as interactive audio installations and are self publishing a photo book & zine at a local print shop which uses sustainable and vegan materials.

To help spread awareness of Projet En Vue we ask that you feature us on your site, becoming a part of this great local network of artists and community members. If you desire, we can also feature you on our websites.

Thank you for your time,

Sati & Saskia
Projet En Vue
Oakland, CA

Gene said...

It's an amazing project! I sent you an email with more info.