Thursday, July 21, 2011

food: Rising Loafer Cafe

Rising Loafer Cafe

I'm not downtown very often for breakfast or lunch, so it was a while before I was able to final try the Rising Loafer Cafe and Bakery. I first heard about it at the Oakland Indie Awards back in May, when they won a Greenie Award, and briefly met the owner, Maria Gastelumendil, at an Oakland Grown event.

Wednesday I took another downtown Oakland walking tour, which ended in Frank Ogawa Plaza right at lunch time, so I had my chance.

Greek Crepe

Since it was a beautiful day, after I ordered I sat at one the outside tables in the shade of the plaza trees. From my seat, I could see the B shuttle running over on Broadway, people out enjoying the open space of the plaza, and hear the free Summer Sounds concert at City Center in the distance. Lovely.

I had a Greek Crepe for lunch, and it was delicious. It came with choice of a green salad or soup. I chose salad, which was nothing special but was tasty. I'm looking forward to trying some of their baked goods when I'm downtown some morning. Next time you're looking for a spot for breakfast or lunch downtown, give the Rising Loafer a try.

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dbackman said...

This is a regular weekly lunch spot for me. Very pleasant atmosphere and Maria is the friendliest restaurant owner in all of Downtown. I always get the Cobb Salad, Loafer's Chicken Salad or Mediterranean Chicken.