Saturday, May 16, 2009

signs: Howden Building

Spice Monkey is a yummy little restaurant on Webster (read a brief review here.) Besides the food, of note is the building it's in, the tile-clad Howden building. The space Spice Monkey is in is labeled Robert Howden & Sons.

the Howden building

Robert Howden & Sons

It's a funky little space, with tile-covered stairs and a fireplace. It looks like it could have been a hotel, but sounds more like a hardware store. Anybody know what it was?


Unknown said...

The building was a tile manufacturing company and showroom in the 1900's. Folks would walk through and point to the tile settings they wanted. The tiles were also manufactured in house and they would send out their staff for installations.

Unknown said...

Excellent! Thanks for the info.